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Monet Brown

Real Estate Agent

Monet Brown

Real Estate License #419083

Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of working in the real estate industry focusing more specifically on working directly with investors. I am licensed in the state of GA and work primarily with Off-Market and As-Is properties as part of numerous wholesale transactions. In the past year I have sold millions of dollars in real estate and I am definitely looking to grow upward in this space. 

A large part of my success has to do with the relationships I’ve built throughout my career and those I’m currently building. I would love the opportunity to work with you, whether this is your first investment property or you’ve got years of experience. Contact me so we can get things started. I’m truly looking forward to working with you!


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We specialize in Wholesale transactions by serving investors solid deals based on their criteria/buy box. Most of our inventory will be Off-Market, allowing less competition and deeper discounts!
We are currently in the Metro Atlanta area.


Most of our inventory will be single family residential, but we also provide multifamily, vacant land, new construction opportunities, and portfolio deals.

If you are purchasing a property from us, these are our non-negotiable terms:
–  All Cash or Hard Money
– 0 Days Due Diligence
– Our preferred Closing Attorney
– Must be able to close within 2-3 weeks of contract date unless stated otherwise
We do not work with Conventional lenders (Including FHA or VA). We only allow all cash or hard money purchases. Please contact us if you need a Hard Money Lender. We have great connections that can help!
Our closing process is simple, whether you are buying from us or selling to us. Our standard closing timeline is 2-3 weeks unless otherwise stated.
We will not close on a property if title cannot be cleared. Once determined that we cannot clear title, we will terminate the transaction and all respected parties will have their earnest money returned.
We would love to buy from you! If you have a property for sale, please submit it through our website. Please be mindful that we will need the full address to analyze the deal in a timely manner.

Our Network is pretty vast! We work with all investors, whether you are looking to get your first deal or you already have a ton of experience. We also work with Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Wholesalers, Lenders and Attorneys.


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